...... Bat Cornilleau Tacteo 30  

Bat Cornilleau Tacteo 30
Price: 19.40 € / 66.98 Lt
Product code: COTACTEO30
Use: Leasure intensive, indoor, outdoor
Color: Grey, orange
Material: Polymer
Handle: Ergonomic, "cohesive"
Speed rank: 5
Spin rank: 5
Control rank: 8
Manufacturer: Cornilleau, France
Delivery: 2-3 weeks
Used by institutional customers, the TACTEO 30 benefits from a revolutionary technology. It's the outdoor as well the indoor bat par excellence due to its integral design in composite materials. The TACTEO 30 offers solidity that resists any test, as well as great durability! It's very tough, and perfect for table tennis in schools or recreation centres. It's very versatile, thanks to its great control, and can be passed on from one player to another while keeping its bright colors (blue and orange).
After three years of research and development with engineers from the Michelin laboratories, Cornilleau has launched the first bi-injected composite bat. A product of Cornilleau's knowledge in table tennis and Michelin's expertise in rubber, the Tacteo bat offers resistance and durability unequaled on the market with a most innovative design.
The injected polymer blade provides a very solid core offering increased resistance to shocks and humidity. Its unique design offers great ergonomics making it easy to hold.
The bi-injection manufacturing process ensures perfect adherence between the blade and the coating. This adhesion of two innovative composite materials allows the creation of the first bat with a coating that will never come off. It offers perfect resistance to the deterioration caused by time and humidity.
Based on the strength of their technical expertise, Michelin engineers have developed the ADS concept, a very dynamic coating with a revolutionary honeycomb structure. The shape of the holes and the great elasticity of the elastomer allows air to be compressed then freed after contact between ball and bat that is why a ball gains a double speed.