...... Bat Cornilleau Sport 200  

Bat Cornilleau Sport 200
Code: COSPORT200
Price: 8.69 € / 30 Lt
Product code: COSPORT200
Use: Leasure, indoor
Color: Red, black, yellow
Material: Wood 5 mm, sponge 1.5 mm, rubber ITTF 2*
Handle: Cup-shaped for a better grasp
Speed rank: 5
Spin rank: 5
Control rank: 9
Manufacturer: Cornilleau, France
In warehouse: Yes
You play from time to time, but each time you improve. SPORT 200 is a leisure bat that allows you to take your first steps. And what do you want from a new tool? Precision and control. That's just what you'll get from the SPORT 200. In summary, an ideal bat to move from leisure player to that of a real table tennis player.