...... Bat Cornilleau Impulse 3000 PHS SUPER SALE! 

Bat Cornilleau Impulse 3000 PHS SUPER SALE!
Price: 51.84 € / 178.99 Lt
Product code: COIMPULSE3000
Use: Sport, competition, indoor
Color: Red, blue
Material: Wood of high quality Offensif++, "fast" sponge 2,2 mm, rubber Ittf Performa 1
Handle: Ergonomic, cup-shaped, perforated
Speed rank: 10
Spin rank: 10
Control rank: 5
Manufacturer: Cornilleau, France
In warehouse: Yes
Is there a champion inside you? The IMPULSE 3000 guides your first steps in a table tennis club. Its speed will give you a certain advantage in your first challenges in competition. If you're not yet adept at gluing, the IMPULSE 3000 with its 'Offensif+' coating (2.2 mm) will bring speed to your topspin and more important, winning points.
The Perforated Handle System PHS provides a transfer of energy to the top of the bat. In addition, the ventilation of the handle provides a better grip of the bat handle.
Sponge equipped with micro air bubbles for a perfect elasticity, a homogenous rebound and an improved lightness. Fast sponge giving optimized speed and excellent spin.
With the ITTF label, this bat is the extension of your hand.
The IMPULSE 3000 is envied and must never be lent to other players! No problem with that… it's one of a kind!