...... Bat Cornilleau Impulse 1000 PHS SUPER SALE! 

Bat Cornilleau Impulse 1000 PHS SUPER SALE!
Price: 43.15 € / 148.99 Lt
Product code: COIMPULSE1000
Use: Sport, competition, indoor
Color: Red, blue, green
Material: Wood of high-quality Allround, "fast" sponge 1.5 mm, rubber Ittf Performa 1
Handle: Ergonomic, cup-shaped, perforated
Speed rank: 8,5
Spin rank: 8,5
Control rank: 7
Manufacturer: Cornilleau, France
In warehouse: Yes
Your game is balanced: good control and precise. The IMPULSE 1000 is made for you. With its 'Allround' coating, this bat offers you great comfort and accompanies your first steps in a club. Before settling on a more offensive bat, the performances of the IMPULSE 1000 give some weight to your first strokes.
The Perforated Handle System PHS provides a transfer of energy to the top of the bat. In addition, the ventilation of the handle provides a better grip of the bat handle.
Sponge equipped with micro air bubbles for a perfect elasticity, a homogenous rebound and an improved lightness. Fast sponge giving optimized speed and excellent spin.
With this bat, you'll be well armed for training and facing your first opponents.